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New Site + New Place to Read!

Yes! I have not been posting much lately (well in a while)! I have been working on transforming the site into a newly self hosted site!! I am proud to announce it is now fully mine!!

Please enjoy the new looks to be unveiled + Make sure to check out the new way to purchase Yarns or Stitch Markers!!


Happy Turkey Day!

Christmas Knitting



That is a fair amount of Christmas Knitting (Note that is not the yarns I am using otherwise certain people would know what colour was for them) – But that is about the amount of Skeins I am knitting up!!

I have thought long and hard over the last few years and I do not feel (personally) that manufactured gifts are the way I want to go.  There are a few smaller presents that I will buy from stores although I am going to be VERY conscience about whom and where they come from.

We have 82 Days till Christmas and I have a handful of people to knit for!! I best run in to my craft room/office and start working away!!


Too many Choices!

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I have been working on a Sock Series and I hope to have it up soon! Plus I finally finished my Lovie Socks.  The huge change around here is the cooler temperatures.  I am loving the crisp air in the morning and the desire to wear socks and a scarf.  Fall is my FAVOURITE season!!

My mindless knitting is a cowl for the Out of the Cowl for my knitting guilds charity knitting.  But I have a fair amount of Yarn and I am stuck on what to knit as a bigger project.

My choices are between these three:

Circle Socks – Anne Campbell 

Dipped Infinity Scarf – Laura Chau

Soho Scarf – The Knit Cafe (Toronto)

I would love to know what your planning to knit or what you are knitting.  Plus if you want to share your ideas for my next project I would be happy to hear from you!

Recap: Around the Bay Knitters Guild

This evening I attended the Around the Bay Knitting Guild meeting.  I was running behind and was a smidge late although I felt better when others came in after I.  It is held in a lovely meeting area with lovely lighting and seating.  I was welcomed by many other knitters, grabbed a chair and pulled out the never ending sock.

The meeting began by discussing all the wonderful workshops and outings they have planned for the year.  They also do knitting for charity.  Currently they will be working on scarves for school children. I picked up a bag of donated yarn and I will make a couple cowls as I was told that schools do not like scarves for safety reasons.

I am looking forward to the workshops coming up and all the new techniques I will learn!  I am very happy I penned it into my schedule for this evening.  I have already penned (not pencil) in the rest of their meetings!

Happy Knitting – on that note I am a handful of rows away from finishing that sock.  I hope to have pictures to show tomorrow.


Etsy Craft Party

I have been EXTRA craft and knitting deprived in the last 5 weeks!! I have recently learned I must not question my twitter friends and just knit and wash the project if it gets dusty.  You have to block anyhow.

With the lack of craft-ness I planned 2 weeks ago to participate in the Etsy Craft Party.  I have invited several girlfriends over and we are going to have a night with Paper, Glue, Glitter (maybe), Paint, Yarn and anything else we can get our hands on.  I will be happy to share all the pictures in Monday’s newsletter plus a recap of how it went.  I hope you will get it in your inbox (if not click here to sign up).

Where did I go??


I have been working long long hours at my new job! I am an archaeological field technician. I have been really enjoying the extra vitamin d and all the neat things I am learning.

My only con is I had not been knitting, but after a chat with Paula and Glenna I will be taking my sock to work tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

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